[ ] Hacked By Error 404 Error 404

root@Error 404:~# connect with Salmy_moroccan ghosts database
[~] connect.........
[~] Get data. . . .
[~] connected
root@sError 404:~# open hacker.txt
[~] hacked by : Error 404
i'm hacked for change because i'm with palestine
HTML tutorial
root@Error 404:~# ipconfig user
[~] geting ip...... root@Error 404:~# open message to admin.txt
I'm the king of hacking but i"m not do this for show the world how i I'm and what i can do , if you are with israel go fuck yourself

[~] Hi Admin Your Site Security is Bad | Patch Your Security System! I Am Error 404-The King you Can't Stop Me, we now every thing The F.B.I is nothing
root@Error 404:~# open Govt message.txt
[~] start message pleas wait......
Message To All Govt : Muslims Are Not Terrorists. Stop Killing Muslims !!
root@Error 404:~# Get vs for back your site
root@Error 404:~# open last message.txt
you need now i'm not give up my country to Traitors like you because we are from morocco , The Sahara is Moroccan fuck algeria and fuck all countries if they are with israel & usa
Hacked By moroccan ghosts
The End